Black Hat SEO and Why You Shouldn’t Do It

Black Hat SEO refers to unethical practices used by some websites with an aim of improving their rankings contrary to google SEO policy. In normal circumstances, search engine optimization is meant to assist users experience improved quality in website traffic. And also understand consequences that exist when failing to adhere to the set guidelines. Black hat SEO aims at fooling the search engine algorithms in order to get better rankings in terms of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Black Hat SEO

Nevertheless, this is not the best method for any website to obtain good rankings using unacceptable means since such methods are often uncovered leading to such a website getting penalized. And its ranking position dropping automatically. Apart from dropping in rankings. There are several other reasons as to why it is unacceptable to use the black hat SEO as discussed below.

1.  Keyword Stuffing

Using keywords appropriately enhances the success of any website. Instead of using them correctly, black hat SEO often overuses them by employing many synonyms and phrases therefore not providing any new information. But rather spinning of content. Such a situation does not provide a good user experience since the content will not appear original. Therefore, such practices should be avoided at all costs.

2.  Clocking

This is a technique through which a particular website is created to display a given content to users, but that content is completely different from the one displayed to search engine crawlers. This practice is aimed at getting higher rankings but at the end giving users a bad experience due to the deceiving nature of that website.

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3.  Misusing Structured Data

Sometimes, websites can use structured data so as to provide more content about what the website entails. But in most cases, most websites use this structured data in a negative way. For example, writing their own reviews regarding particular products or services with an aim of obtaining higher rankings. This is considered a black hat SEO practice that should be avoided as it misleads users.

4.  Scrapped Content

This is a situation in which a given website copies content from another website with just slight changes which do not provide any new information at all about that website. Websites should focus on providing unique and original content for their users to have a better experience.

5.  Clickbait

This involves the use of captivating words and titles with an aim of attracting users to click on that site. In most situations, what users get is useless content that does not relate in whatever way to the title. Such a tactic gives users a very bad experience and can often result in the website being penalized and getting low rankings.

6.  Redirecting users

Some websites are fond of redirecting users to another page that is different from the one that they initially clicked on. This might lead to search engine crawlers accessing the different pages from the one that the users access which is an unethical practice that might attract penalties.

Instead of using black hat SEO practices to obtain higher rankings, Using professional SEO services can enable websites to get higher rankings through acceptable means and by reducing advertising costs since the website will be able to get ranked organically.

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Many websites are fond of using unethical practices or shortcuts so as to receive higher rankings. These practices are often referred to as black hat SEO. And they are deceptive hence they give users a bad experience. There are several reasons why such practices should be avoided in order to prevent the websites from getting penalized. Websites need to employ acceptable means to receive high rankings.